Blog Post April 2021

The Benefits of using CCA Treated Poles

CCA is great for protecting against fungi, termites, wood-borers and marine borers, it has been used to treat wooden poles since the 1930’s and tends to help them be more resistant to rotting.

Imagine building the jungle gym of your kids dreams only to have it be compromised by termites, borers or other pesky pests. That’s why we’re so committed to supplying you with the best quality treated poles here at Bulk Timber Sales!

Did you know? CCA-treated poles last for at least 40 years in the soil!


• Wood requires less energy to produce than aluminum and plastic and it is biodegradable – making it a more environmentally-conscious choice of building material.

• Wooden poles are lightweight and can be easily cut to the required size.

• CCA-treated poles are more environmentally friendly and easily handled than creosote poles.

• CCA-treated poles are resistant to moisture, which prevents microorganisms from growing on them.

• Treated gum poles prevent the wood from being damaged by insects and pests.

• Treated poles are fire-resistant, and thus safer than untreated poles.

• CCA-treated poles are more durable than natural wood and require little maintenance.

Our trained staff can assist you with competitive pricing and advice for your next project.  Get in touch with us today, to enquire about our Tanalith or untreated Timber material.

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